Understanding the Differences Between Executive Coaches, Management Consultants, and Therapists

If you are in the market for advice regarding your personal or professional life, as you compare your options, you may wonder how a management consultant, an executive coach, and a therapist differ and how to determine which is best qualified for the type of guidance or support you or your team are seeking.

I have served both as a consultant and a coach, and I refer my clients to therapists when the help they need is more psychological or emotional in nature. In this post, I describe my previous work as a management consultant and now as an executive coach, explain how the three roles (management consultant, executive coach, and therapist) differ, and provide guidance on how to choose the right one for you.

Management Consulting

As a former management consultant (Deloitte in NYC) my role was to serve as an independent, outside, objective consultant (typically a part of an independent external team) who could assess a client’s perceived needs and present concrete and highly specific solutions. We would interview the key players at the company that hired us, collect and analyze data, and offer solutions at the end of the project. Most often the end of the management consulting engagement would include a presentation and a binder given to company executives stating our findings and recommendations.

Most management consulting projects address integrative business-focused issues and involved one or more departments, never just a sole individual. We worked on Continue reading…

JLJ and Associates Joins the Blogosphere

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With this first post, we here at JLJ & Associates welcome you to our blog — The Executive Coaching Blog, which is the online destination we expect will evolve into a valuable resource for information about executive coaching and related topics for a sophisticated and thoughtful audience.

If you’re already familiar with JLJ, we think you’ll appreciate the fact that we now have a blog of our own… a place where we can demonstrate our commitment to and furthering of our craft, educate people pursuing answers and solutions to the often-confusing and misinformed marketplace for truly meaningful performance and coaching for C-Suite executives and their spouses. And by educate, we mean this:

There is so much confusion and conflicting information online about the time, cost, and manner associated with hiring an executive coach, that many C-Suite types and their spouses are understandably skeptical and misinformed about the process and benefit. At JLJ, we’re committed to helping prospective clients understand and resolve concerns about working with a coach before presenting a Statement of Work for the services we collectively agree they want and we can deliver. We work to help prospective clients take control of their coaching engagement and not just rely on us to tell them how their experience is going to be.

We need Qualified Coaches for the C-Suite and their Spouses

Many of our clients say they are actively seeking an alternative to the traditional performance or executive coach. And by ‘traditional,’ I mean someone with a turnkey coaching mentality and playbook who has lofty or delusional views of his or her craft. The ones I speak of are usually ‘certified’ by an organization you’ve never heard of, and they actively invest more time and resources in Internet-based marketing than they ever have in an actual board room or supporting the work of those of us who have and do work in the enterprise leadership ecosystem.

This disillusionment provides us with the opportunity toContinue reading…